Craig Blackmore, Chief Operating Officer, Perry Group Limited

“The Perry Group is a privately owned business based in the Waikato with a strong culture of community and corporate responsibility that is central in the day to day business practices throughout the Group.

We began working with Greg Tims a number of years ago to assist us in recruiting key staff.  From the start, Greg really took the time to understand our culture and business needs and approached the recruitment process with these needs in mind.  This in-depth understanding of our business really enabled us to recruit the people with the right cultural and capability fit.

He supports us with the recruitment of key staff, and with specialist HR advice, across our business interests.

Greg is always very professional and utilises his recruitment expertise to ensure a great result every time.”

“I have known Greg for many years, and in that time he has ensured that only the right people with the right attitude have been successful in being appointed. Greg has an uncanny eye for talent and intuition for organisational fit, which has translated into tangible results.

Not only has Greg taken the time to understand our business and its culture today, but he makes placements based on both the capability for continuous improvement and cultural improvement that we want for tomorrow. As our HR business partner, when senior vacancies arise, Greg allows us to remain focused on the business while he and his team facilitate a robust selection process.

I find Greg and his team professional and easy to deal with, all the while relying on Greg’s expertise to deliver a seamless process and a high calibre placement each and every time.”

“Timpack has used Greg Tims for over 12 years as our trusted advisor on HR and recruitment matters. Greg understands our business intimately, and from this position, he is able to assist us to find good people who will not only fit with our culture, but also strengthen the Timpack team. Greg’s extensive HR knowledge and experience also gives him the ability to provide outstanding professional advice and service. I would recommend Greg unreservedly”.

“Prolife Foods’ obsession about growth, competitive advantage and service fulfillment is underwritten by the importance of people. Well structured strategy, well executed by outstanding people has been a tradition of our company and, for this to occur, empowered, capable people are the underlying enabling component. I, and other Executives, have used the expertise of Greg Tims in a variety of ways – from Executive recruitment where his ability to fit the person with the right attributes (values, personality and capability wise) is outstanding – to other initiatives including developing the values and behavioural model, Executive mentoring, strategic pay policy development and as a sounding board over the myriad of people issues that constitute business today. Without hesitation I recommend Greg and his Associates for their service, professionalism, judgement and understanding of our style, values and needs.”

“I worked with Karin for 15 months in my role as CEO Bodco from April 2017 to July 2018.

BODCO was a start-up company and Karin was contracted to establish the companies HR policies and practices, work with the management team to develop recruitment practices, develop on-boarding processes, develop KPI’s with senior staff and commence the performance and development review process.

Establishing a new company has many challenges and particularly within the HR function. Karin showed her expertise and strong interpersonal skills through the many highs and lows the company and staff went through between March 2016 and June 2018.

I was very grateful of Karin’s ability to work strategically on one hand and also to get along and encourage fragile staff members on the other hand. She has very well developed all round HR capability and can lead and contribute effectively at the senior management level.

I would certainly recommend her to any without hesitation.”